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Finucane Design Group (FDG) began as a husband and wife partnership between Keely Finucane and Greg Rowan. In 2018, Finucane Design Group was created when the couple  decided to collaborate in pursuit of a public art installation. FDG  originated  as a collaboration of creative minds.

Finucane Design Group has evolved into a one stop shop experience for buying a unique piece of art for all of your big and small life events. We do this by offering our customers a range of prints and original artworks to accommodate all budgets, as well as offering a range of subject matter within the artwork. 

Keely Finucane, CoFounder and featured artist at FDG, paints everything from illustrative animals, landscapes, portraits, and hyper realistic still lives. At FDG, you can purchase a gift for someone’s nursery and even buy yourself an original painting to enhance your new bar, all in one location. We have something for everyone, no matter where you are in life. At FDG, we aim to educate, spark joy and leave you feeling inspired.

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