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Over the duration of 4 weeks, students will practice painting liquid and glass! The class will be conducted over Zoom, you will be able to paint from the safety of your own home!


Students will be taught multiple ways to begin the initial drawing on canvas. The objective of the first class will be completing the underpainting. The following three classes will focus on building up the layers, pushing contrast and adding details to the oil painting.


Video demonstrations and reference images will be provided ahead of time so students can work at their own pace. 


The class will be tailored individually to student’s needs. Students will have opportunities each class to share their successes and challenges and have one on one support from the teacher. Students are encouraged to enjoy the process and paint in their preferred style. All levels are welcome! 


02_200721_Overserved_Forever In Love 48x

"Forever In Love"

*After registration, student will receive an email confirmation from Finucane Design Group to schedule classes



1. Oil Paint. I recommend you get basic colors to start and create others by mixing. Here’s a good starting list of oil paint colors:

  • Titanium white

  • Ultramarine blue

  • Cerulean blue or Cerulean blue hue

  • Burnt umber

  • Alizarin crimson

  • Cadmium red or Cadmium red light

  • Burnt Sienna

  • Raw umber

  • Yellow ochre

  • Cadmium yellow or lemon yellow

  • Phthalo Blue

  • Phthalo Green


Specific pigments cost more than others. Some of these expensive colors are also available as “hues,” which are less expensive because there’s less concentration of pigment. Feel free to bring additional colors to class! 


2. Canvas. I recommend an 8x10” canvas so we can try and complete the painting in the 4 sessions. Student’s are welcome to bring a larger canvas if they have painting experience and plan to finish the painting once the class is over. 


3. Jar of a painting medium to thin paints (linseed oil).


4. One roll of “viva” paper towels.


5. Vegetable oil to clean brushes.


6. Variety of brushes and a palette knife.


7. Mixing Pallet.

  • Paper palettes are disposable pads of waxy paper that can be thrown away after a single use. You can tape wax paper from the grocery store on a hard surface or buy a pack at an art store.

  • Glass palettes are easy to clean with a palette knife or razor blade. You can buy glass at Home Depot or Lowes.

  • Wood palettes that are lightweight are easy to hold while painting. You can buy wood palettes at an art store.

Watch this video to learn about Keely Finucane, the new online class,

art demonstrations and watch a timelapse video of an oil painting!


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