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Liquid confidence - overserved

Description of Show

Liquid Confidence - Overserved, features eleven  oil paintings arranged as a visual narrative. The layout is meant to be read from left to right, top to bottom.  The cocktails depicted on the canvas’ parallel   a relationship between two individuals through the use of color, composition and movement.


Through the lens of alcohol, the viewer gets a unique opportunity to witness how alcohol has been intertwined in the couple’s infatuation, decision making, coping mechanisms, and the destruction of the same relationship it once created. 


Presented by {9} The Gallery

200801_Overserved_Final Layout_w Labels.

show layout

200801_Overserved_Final Layout_w Labels.
10_200721_Overserved_A Bridge Burned Bey

"Last summer, I was the first artist-in-residence at Hotel Palomar in Downtown Phoenix. During my residency, I created a series called Liquid Confidence,  highlighting a wide range of cocktails. Cocktails are a social lubricant, providing people with the liquid courage to step out of their comfort zone. Alcohol is often the initiator of the first social interaction which can lead to long lasting relationships. At the time, I wanted to celebrate the vice that brings people together and gives us the opportunity to experience life with rose colored glasses.


I left my residency,  feeling that the series was unfinished and I was only showing one perspective.  Liquid Confidence - Overserved, is a continued exploration on the relationship between people and  alcohol. We are constantly reminded to “drink responsibly”,  but  why do we still overconsume? Unfortunately, alcohol gets the best of some people. Many of us know someone who is an alcoholic or someone who has allowed their vice to ruin relationships or even self-sabotage their own health.


This series displays a visual narrative symbolizing a romance between two individuals and how alcohol has played a part in both the development and destruction of their relationship." - Keely Finucane

"A Bridge Burned Beyond Repair"

04_200721_Overserved_A Meeting Misconstr

"A Meeting Misconstrued"


Finucane working on "Liquid Justification"


09_200721_Overserved_Soul Searching 20x1

"Soul Searching"

*Note: The  eleven artworks take on this narrative when arranged as a series. When viewed by themselves, the paintings have the ability to take on a new meaning based on the interpretation of the viewer.

Artist cv


First Friday Live Painting Event, FOUND:RE Phoenix Hotel, AZ                                                                            2021

ArtZen Artisan & Reiki, Scottsdale, AZ                                                                                                             2021
Solo Exhibition, Green New American Vegetarian, Phoenix, AZ                                                                         2021
Green New American Vegetarian, Phoenix, AZ                                                                                                2021

Spring Salon Online Exhibition, International Guild of Realism                                                                            2021

Greater Phoenix Revival, Greater Phoenix Economic Council, Phoenix, AZ                                                           2021

Making Her Mark - Art by Women, Sonoran Arts League, Cave Creek, AZ                                                          2021

Artlink's 21st Annual Juried Exhibition, FOUND:RE Phoenix Hotel, AZ                                                                 2021

Solo Exhibition, Liquid Confidence - Overserved, {9} The Gallery, Phoenix, AZ                                                     2020

GLOW, {9} The Gallery, Phoenix, AZ                                                                                                              2020

The Master Collection, {9} The Gallery, Phoenix, AZ                                                                                         2020
Shaneland Arts, Phoenix, AZ                                                                                                                 2019-2020
Tiny Works/Tiny Dances, {9} The Gallery, Phoenix, AZ                                                                                     2020
Solo Exhibition, ColLABoration, Kimpton Hotel Palomar, Phoenix, AZ                                                                  2019
Art Detour 31, The Coe House, Phoenix, AZ                                                                                                     2019
Two-Person Exhibition, A Matter of Trust, The Coe House, Phoenix, AZ                                                                 2019
Tiny Works/Tiny Dances, {9} The Gallery, Phoenix, AZ                                                                                     2018
Local Artist Series #1, The Wayne Smith, Tempe AZ                                                                                          2018
Art Detour 30, Naimark Studio, Phoenix, AZ                                                                                                    2018
Visual Feasting, Herberger Theater, Phoenix, AZ  (curated by Jill Friedberg)                                                          2018
Chocolate and Art, MonOrchid, Phoenix, AZ                                                                                                   2017
Solo Exhibition, Helton Brewing Company, Phoenix, AZ                                                                                    2017
Art Detour 29, Naimark Studio, Phoenix, AZ                                                                                                    2017
Pino Signoretto Gallery, Union Square, San Francisco, CA                                                                                 2016
Intertemporalist Steampunk, Alwun House, Phoenix, AZ                                                                                     2015

Treehouse Vegan Bakery, Phoenix, AZ                                                                                                             2014
Solo Exhibition, Scopes of Disquiet and Play, Stella Elkins Tyler Gallery, Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, PA          2011
Solo Exhibition, Aurora Pizzeria and Pasta Kitchen, Jennersville, PA                                                                    2010

Expo Temple University Rome, Circolo Degli Artisti, Rome, Italy (curated by Shara Wasserman)                              2009

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